Guest Presentations

MCCC has had many wonderful presentations at our monthly meetings. Some of the presenters have provided us with electronic copies of their materials to share with our members and friends. MCCC would like to thank all of the presenters who allow us to share their knowledge with the numismatic community. Copyrights of these presentations belong to the authors.

The Saga of the 2005 Nickel
The Artwork of Joe Fitzgerald
Myths and Tall Tales
Numismatics and Modern Zionism
Maryland Colonial Currency 1744-1780
A Brief History of Wooden Nickels
Siege money of the Dutch Revolt
Medals of the Battle of Plattsburgh, September 11, 1814
A Look At Culls and the Stories They May Tell
Competitive Numismatic Exhibiting
Montgomery County 1700 – 1733: The Tobacco Economy

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