April 9, 2019: Grading Copper Coins

For the next meeting, MCCC President Don Stepita will deliver the second part of his “Grading as I See It” talk, this time discussing how to grade copper coins. The lecture is based on Don’s work collecting early American copper coins.

March 12, 2019: Member Roundtable on Coin Collecting

The March program is a member roundtable, to give members a chance to share what, why and how they collect. This will be a chance for members to discuss their interests (U.S., foreign, errors, varieties, paper, tokens, etc.), what they focus on (themes, geographic areas, eras); why and how they collect; do they buy, sell, or trade; grading; is it a hobby, investment or both; and anything else members which to raise.

February 12, 2019: Don Stepita on “Grading as I See It”

MCCC President Don Stepita will deliver the first part of his two part-talk “Grading As I See It,” a presentation on an algorithm for grading mint state Morgan dollars that can be adapted to other denominations. The first of the 2019 National Historic Park quarters, the Lowell (MA) National Historical Park Quarter, and the 2018 P and D American Innovation $1 Introductory Coins will be available for sale at the meeting.

December 11, 2018: Annual Donated Auction!

December’s program will be our annual Donated Auction to benefit the Boy Scouts of National Capital Area Potomac District. The auction will consist of a combination of coins, hobby supplies, numismatic literature, etc. MCCC will also hold its annual election for 2019. And remember, if you signed up to bring food for the meeting, it is not too early to think about what you are bringing!

November 13, 2018: How do wars affect coins?

For our November meeting, we invited Robert Hale to discuss “How do wars affect coins?” His presentation discusses war coins from occupation to liberation as well as mint and metal changes caused by wars. You will learn about a war coin with a death threat, one with a Morse code message, and another made out of material akin to cardboard. In all Bob will share about 30 coins from his collection and relate the history and story of each.

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