October 7, 2019: Buying and Selling Numismatics Online

PLEASE NOTE that the date for this meeting is ONE DAY EARLIER than usual to accommodate our Jewish members celebrating Yom Kippur Tuesday evening. The Monday, October 7, 2019 meeting will feature a panel discussion of members buying and selling numismatics online.

September 10, 2019: 60th Anniversary Celebration

Montgomery County Coin Club is celebrating its 60th Anniversary. Formed in 1959, the same year that the U.S. Mint introduced the Lincoln Memorial Cent, MCCC has been serving the local numismatic community and is ready to continue well into the century. Come join us for the celebration!

August 20, 2019: State of the Hobby Dealer Panel + WFM Report

We hope that for our August meeting the MCCC will host a State of the Hobby Dealer Panel. The panel will consist of one or more area dealers who will discuss the numismatic industry from their perspective. Members that attended the World’s Fair of Money are invited to share their stories, purchases, and awards with the club at the meeting.

June 11, 2019: Extended Member Exhibits

For the next MCCC meeting, members are invited to bring in their numismatic collectibles to share with the members as extended exhibits. Whether your collection is common or esoteric, bring in something that you like and introduce it to your fellow club members. Each member participating will get no more than 10 minutes to talk about their items.

April 9, 2019: Grading Copper Coins

For the next meeting, MCCC President Don Stepita will deliver the second part of his “Grading as I See It” talk, this time discussing how to grade copper coins. The lecture is based on Don’s work collecting early American copper coins.

March 12, 2019: Member Roundtable on Coin Collecting

The March program is a member roundtable, to give members a chance to share what, why and how they collect. This will be a chance for members to discuss their interests (U.S., foreign, errors, varieties, paper, tokens, etc.), what they focus on (themes, geographic areas, eras); why and how they collect; do they buy, sell, or trade; grading; is it a hobby, investment or both; and anything else members which to raise.

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