Member Interests & Collection Profiles

These members of the Montgomery County Coin Club are happy to share their diverse collecting interests with others! Contact them if you have numismatic questions of any sort. Also, please contact them if you have coins or information related to that member’s area of interest.

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Scott Barman
Scott collects 20th Century coins and is looking to complete a date/mint mark set of every coin minted for ciruclation. He also collects numismatic souveniers of his past and places he’s been, particularly of his native New York City and Long Island. Scott also has fun writing the Coin Collector’s Blog and invites everyone to read and comment.
Contact: via email or P.O. Box 10123, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20898-0123
Simcha Kuritzky
Simcha is interested in felines (cats, lions, tigers, leopards, gryphons) on coins, notes, medals and the like. He also collects mystic medals, particularly Hebrew amulets.
Contact: Simcha Kuritzky, c/o MCCC, P.O. Box 13504, Silver Spring, MD 20911-0504
Harry Lebowitz
Harry (MCCC Charter Member #34) collects U.S. Coins, Israeli and Palestine Coins, Holocaust related money, and Mexican coins.
Contact: via email or via telephone at (301) 928-3747

Ed Russell
Ed collects Nixon medals. He is looking for a 1957 silver inaugural Eisenhower-Nixon medal, any 1960 presidential campaign medals, gold Nixon medals and the like.
Contact: Ed Russell, c/o MCCC, P.O. Box 13504, Silver Spring, MD 20911-0504
Ken Swab
Ken collects numismatic items (obsolete and national bank notes, scrip, medals and tokens) related to Plattsburgh, New York. He also collects beer and brewery related tokens (but not saloon or tavern tokens).
Contact: Ken Swab, c/o MCCC, P.O. Box 13504, Silver Spring, MD 20911-0504
Mark Zimmermann
Mark is particularly excited about coins of 1852. For background information on that year and some images from his collection, visit his 1852 web page and Gallery of 1852 Coins.
Contact: Mark Zimmermann, P.O. Box 598, Kensington, MD 20895-0598

MCCC members who would like their names and interests listed or corrected, please contact the club webmaster with your information.

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