The September meeting will view an ANA MONEY TALKS presentation by Brad Seidel on Dr. Lewis Feuchtwanger and his “German Silver” alloy for coinage. Feuchtwanger struck and circulated 1- and 3-cent pieces dated 1837 to bolster his case, but Congress declined. However, 20 years later, legislators “borrowed” his ideas for the Flying Eagle cent. Seidel argues that Feuchtwanger can be considered the father of the small cent and pioneer of using nickel in coinage.

LIVE October Meeting: Coins and the Pawn Shop

Our October 12 meeting will be a LIVE event! If MCCC cannot meet at the Senior Center, there are backup plans. Jessica Barakat, a fourth-generation pawnshop operator, will tell us about the coin and bullion items that come into the shop and the items her customers like to buy. Barakat will bring some items along for you to see and purchase if you wish.

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