For the next meeting, MCCC President Don Stepita will deliver the second part of his “Grading as I See It” talk, this time discussing how to grade copper coins. The lecture is based on Don’s work collecting early American copper coins.

By the next meeting, the American Memorial Park Quarter (Northern Mariana Islands) will be released. They should be available in P-D-S at the meeting. Also available at the meeting will be the 2019-P and D Native American $1 coin honoring American Indians in the Space Program. Treasurer Simcha Kuritzky has an inventory of quarters, half-dollars, and dollars from the recent (2018-19) past. S mint quarters are 40 cents each or $15 for a roll of 40. Halves are 75 cents each or a roll of 20 for $14. Dollars are $1.20 each or $29 per roll of 25 coins.

As always, there will be member exhibits, a chance to enjoy snacks and a 40-lot auction of U.S. and foreign coins.

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