The March program is a member roundtable, to give members a chance to share what, why and how they collect. This will be a chance for members to discuss their interests (U.S., foreign, errors, varieties, paper, tokens, etc.), what they focus on (themes, geographic areas, eras); why and how they collect; do they buy, sell, or trade; grading; is it a hobby, investment or both; and anything else members which to raise.

The first of the 2019 National Historic Park quarters, the Lowell (MA) National Historical Park Quarter, will be available in P-D-S at the meeting. Also available at the meeting will be the 2019-P and D Native American $1 coin honoring American Indians in the Space Program. Treasurer Simcha Kuritzky has an inventory of quarters, half-dollars, and dollars from the recent (2018) past. S mint quarters are 40 cents each or $15 for a roll of 40. Halves are 75 cents each or a roll of 20 for $14. Dollars are $1.20 each or $29 per roll of 25 coins.

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