MCCC President Don Stepita will deliver the first part of his two part-talk “Grading As I See It,” a presentation on an algorithm for grading mint state Morgan dollars that can be adapted to other denominations.

The first of the 2019 National Historic Park quarters, the Lowell (MA) National Historical Park Quarter, will be available in P-D-S at the meeting. Also, 2018 P and D American Innovation $1 Introductory Coins will be available for $1.20 each. Also, Simcha Kuritzky will have MI, WI, MN, GA, and RI S-mint quarters at the meeting. The inventory now includes all of the 2018-S mint quarters, the 2018 dollar coins, the 2017-PD and 2018-PD Kennedy half-dollars. S mint quarters are 40 cents each or $15 for a roll of 40. Halves are 75 cents each or a roll of 20 for $14. Dollars are $1.20 each or $29 per roll of 25 coins.

It is past time to pay your 2019 MCCC dues. Membership is still the very low $8 per year and $2 for Young Numismatists, a price that has not changed in many years. MCCC dues help support our education and outreach programs. At 66-cents per meeting, it is the best deal in town! To pay your dues, download our dues form from our Digital Document Library and you can either pay dues at the next meeting or mail your dues to the address on the form.

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