MCCC has been providing uncirculated, modern collector coins to club members for many years at a discount of dealer prices. These coins were purchased by the roll and bag at a discount. MCCC bought these coins in bulk and sold them for a small markup. At first, MCCC was selling out of the coins as they were released but the past couple of years, there has been coins left over when the club has bought 100 or 250 coin lots.

The excess inventory began to weigh over 10 kilograms. Although the club tried selling some of the older coin rolls in the auction, most sold for less than our cost. Recently, Julian Leidman of Bonanza Coins agreed to buy our older stock for our cost. This relieved us of almost 6 kilograms worth of coins.

MCCC would like to thank Julian for helping us!

MCCC inventory now includes all of the 2018-S mint quarters, the 2018 dollar coins, the 2017-PD and 2018-PD Kennedy half-dollars. Members can purchase these coins from Treasurer Simcha Kuritzky. If you need older coins, consider buying them from Julian at Bonanza Coins in downtown Silver Spring.

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