NOTE:  Items printed in red italic letters are missing from the library. If you have any information as to the whereabouts of these books, please contact the club to let us know. Thank you.
List is sorted by the last name of the author or by organization.

Douglas, B.M. and Hughes, B.H.
Catalogue of Confederate and and Southern States Currency (1955, autographed; gift of John Lewis, 04-17-96)
Hudgeons, M.
Blackbook Price Guide of U.S. Paper Money (1983, 15th edition; gift of David McGuinness, 10-12-88)
Hudgeons, M. and T.
Blackbook Price Guide to U.S. Paper Money (1998, 31st edition)
Keller, A. and Pick, A.
Das Deutche Notgeld, Kleingeldscheine 1916-1922, IV. Teil: Serienscheine and Siemsen, C. (1975, in German; gift of Mr. and Mrs. Clay Matthews, 02-21-95)
Krause, C.L.
United States Paper Money (1993, 12th edition)

Krause, C.L. and Lemke, R.F.
United States Paper Money (12th edition; 1993; gift of Kermit Smyth, 01-13-99)
Muscalus, J.A.
County Scrip Issued in the United States (1948)
Dictionary of Paper Money with Historical Specimens Illustrated (1947)
Locomotive Engravings on State Bank Notes and Scrip, 1832 – 1875 (1964)
Odd Bank Note and Scrip Denominations in American Monetary History (1967)
Whaling Art by Garneray, Stewart, and Page on State Bank Notes (1966; gift of Perry Schroeder, January 1968)
O’Donnell, C.
The Standard Handbook of Modern United States Paper Money (1975)
Pick, A.
Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Vol. 1 (1984, 4th edition)
Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Vol. 2 (1994, 7th edition; gift of Kermit Smyth, 01-06-00)
Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Vol. 1 (1996, 8th edition)
Radford, C.D.
The Souvenir Card Collectors Society – Numbering System for Forerunner and Modern Day Souvenir Cards (1989; gift of Herb Hall, 07-11-00)
Rothert, M.
A Guide Book of United States Fractional Currency (1963)
Shafer, N.
A Guide Book of Philippine Paper Money (1964)
Let’s Collect Paper Money! (1976)
The Wonderful World of Paper Money (1992; gift of Mark Zimmermann, 06-17-97)
Sprinkle, F.F.
Master List of Uncut Sheets of Obsolete Bills and Old Bank Checks (1964)
Sten, G.J.
Banknotes of the World 1368-1966, Vols. I and II of four (1967)

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