NOTE:  Items printed in red italic letters are missing from the library. If you have any information as to the whereabouts of these books, please contact the club to let us know. Thank you.
List is sorted by the last name of the author or by organization.

Akerman, J.Y.
Numismatic Illustrations of the New Testament (1966; gift of John Lewis, 11-10-93)
Carter, M.L.
A Numismatic Reconstruction of Kushano-Sasanian History (1985, reprinted by the American Numismatic Society; gift of Mark Zimmermann, 11-09-99)
Sear, D.R.
Roman Coins and Their Values (1981, 3rd edition)
Stevenson, S.W.
A Dictionary of Roman Coins (1964; gift of Michael Dolnick, 2-11-03)
Yeoman, R.S.
Moneys of the Bible (1961)

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