NOTE:  Items printed in red italic letters are missing from the library. If you have any information as to the whereabouts of these books, please contact the club to let us know. Thank you.
List is sorted by the last name of the author or by organization.

Charlton, J.E.
Charlton Standard Catalog of Canadian Colonial Tokens (1988)
Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Tokens, and Paper Money (1964, 12th edition; gift of Walter Mason, 1967)
Cross, W. K.
Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Tokens, and Paper Money (2006, 60th edition)
Graham, R.J.
Canadian Government Paper Money, 17th Edition: A Charlton Standard Catalogue
Haxby, J.A., and Willey, R.C.
Coins of Canada (1988, 8th edition)
Coins of Canada (1997, 15th edition; gift of John Herman, 09-12-00)
LeRoux, J.
The Canadian Coin Cabinet (1983; gift of John Lewis, 02-12-86)
Pelletier, S.
Standard Catalogue of Canadian Municipal Trade Tokens & Notes (1993, 15th edition; gift of the author)
Royal Canadian Mint
Heads and Tails – 60th anniversary of the mint 1908-1968 (1968; gift of Walter Godbey)
Taylor, H.C., and James, S.
The Guidebook of Canadian Coins, Paper Currency, and Tokens (1961, 3rd edition; gift of J. Lund)

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