ratesMCCC auction submitters are advised that new commission rates go into effect beginning with the auction for the February 2014 meeting. These auction rates are as follows:

  1. A commission equivalent to 5% of the sale price with a maximum commission of $3.00 per lot will be collected for each sale.
  2. If a lot is not sold and was submitted with a required Minimum Bid, a scratch fee of 5% of the Minimum Bid with a maximum of $3.00 per lot will be collected.
  3. Unsold lots without a minimum bid will not be charged a commission.
  4. Sellers may buy their own lots. If a seller buys their own lots for less than 60% of the catalog value (or 80% of bullion value), the sale is considered a withdrawal and no commission will be charged. Commissions will be charged if someone other than the seller buys the lot regardless of sale price.

Consigners are asked to use the new [downloads format=”4″ query=”include=21&limit=1″ wrap=”” before=”” after=””] that can be downloaded from the MCCC Document Library. If you are consigning items that require a minimum bid, please include the pricing source consulted to set the minimum price. Items without a minimum do not have to include a pricing source.

As a reminder:

  1. Members may submit up to 8 lots per month with an average of 5 lots between months.
  2. Auction chairman reserves the right to revise or correct listings and estimated values after reviewing the actual lots.
  3. Lots designated for Young Numismatists (YN) are auctioned to YNs only, if in attendance.

Happy bidding!

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